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Our Service Menu

Our Pricing Menu is a guideline, if you would like a personalised quote please  book a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists.


Cuts and Style

Face Frame

Quarter head of foils

Half head of foils

Three quater head of foils

Full head of foils

Extra Lightening tip out

from $83

from $93

from $125

from $156

from $198

from $45

Ladies Cut & Blowdry

Mens Cut

Little Ladies Cut

Little Ladies Cut & Blowdry

Little mens cut

from $77

from $45

from $38

from $51

from $35


Balayage- inc root tint

Balayage Refresh

Cor restore add on

from $188

from $156

from $35


Ladies shampoo & blow-dry


Upstyle Bride 

Jnr Stylist Blowdry 

from $54

from $77

from $91

from $49


Tinting and Semi Colouring 

includes root shadow, gloss toner, cut & blow-dry

Regrowth Tint - 
Global Colour - Regrowth and Ends
Face frame
Full head of foils
Half head of foils
Balayage Refresh
Extra Lightening tip out add on


from $190

from $199

from $196

from $293

from $272

from $314

from $251

from $49

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This treatment is designed tol repair naturally frizzy hair by smoothing the cuticle making the hair feel healthy smooth and more managable .. with using the recommended home care this treatment will last 3-6 months............... 2 hours 


from $188


Ten head foils + tint

Quarter head foils + tint 

Half head foils + tint

Full head foils +tint 

Gloss toner add on

from $87

from $146

from $156

from $171

from $192

from $28


Cor restore add on

added to your colour this treatment is designed to restore the integrity of the hair during the lightening process or as a stand alone treatment 

Reconstructive Treatment 

This treatment is designed to repair damaged hair and leave it feeling strong and healthy... 30 mins

Oi Hydration Treatment 

Hydration in a hurry.. 

this express treatment will leave your hair feeling soft and silky.. enjoy this treatment with a hot towel and a scalp massage...... 10 mins

from $39

from $51

from $35

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